The last two days of my Australia study abroad experience summed up under the cut!


You know what a great thing to have accomplished in your final days of your study abroad program is? Getting all your work done. Because a few days ago I submitted everything all at once to my professors, I was able to do whatever I wanted today for the most part, and I decided to spend that time lounging around, buying groceries, and picking up a gift in the local markets for someone back home. Over the course of this trip, I tried not to get too many souvenirs because I wouldn’t be able to bring them all back, but I’m hoping one more won’t hurt too much. When I wasn’t busy I also marathoned half of all the episodes of Miraculous Ladybug on my laptop tonight, and needless to say, I’m hooked.


Today was the last day before I finally leave Australia! I had to get up pretty early today, and unfortunately I missed most of the group heading to the restaurant where the farewell breakfast for the program was located, but thankfully the leader of the group was able to get an Uber for me. I had avocado toast, poached eggs, and iced coffee at the restaurant, and everyone gave speeches about how happy they were about how the program turned out. The leader, Patrick, even mentioned me by name when he said I was the only American he knew who could “take on the Australian accent,” which amused me to no end. It was hard saying goodbye to all of the professors when I’d gotten to know them for a month, but I know that this was bound to happen eventually, and I do wish them the best in their future programs.

After that, I went with some of my friends to Manly Beach! I got to swim, but we also spent a fair amount of time hiking and walking around, and some of my friends got to take some good pictures of the surrounding area. It was a little bit chilly outside for my liking, but I got to go to the beach one last time before I left, and I’m not about to complain. We also got some food, and when we were all done, I headed back to my hotel room and printed out my boarding passes for tomorrow and started to make some of the preparations I need to make for tomorrow.

It’s going to be a busy day tomorrow, that’s for sure, which is why this is my last diary entry for this abroad experience- for those of you who’ve been reading them, I really appreciate it, and I hope you got something out of it, and for my friends on here, I hope you got to share part of the Australia experience. Part of me wishes I could stay in Australia, and maybe someday I’ll come back, but until then I remain very grateful to my family for giving me the opportunity to come here, to set foot on Australian soil, and really experience what this beautiful country has to offer. I’m glad I came here.