After visiting the travel agency that I mentioned earlier in the day, I had a lot of material to work with in terms of planning trips, and that combined with me looking into Sydney tourist attractions means I have some possible entertainment lined up in the coming days, though it’s all only if the budget can permit it.

Meanwhile, when I was done looking through that, I decided to take a trip to the Sydney Opera House, since apparently it’s only an hour-long walk from the place where I’m staying. I made the walk in 45 minutes. I fully intended on sharing photos of the Opera House and the Harbor on here tonight, but unfortunately my phone ran out of power halfway there, so I’m going to have to wait until tomorrow to repeat the trip and get the photos so I can upload them here.

The Opera House was still a very stunning sight at night. From along the boardwalk leading up to it, you can get an incredible view of it, and also the Harbor which is located nearby. There were all kinds of people there, people eating dinner, getting drinks, and lounging around, and I suspect the Opera House area is usually this crowded. Looking down at the river stretching out, the bridge on the left, the Opera House on the right, is like something out of a movie, and it’s almost surreal to behold one of Australia’s most famous landmarks with your own eyes. It’s worth visiting at night, and when I go back to get the photos, I bet I’ll find it’s worth visiting during the day too.