Today was a mixed bag, some things worth talking about include the fact that I bought an Australian hat from a local market and did some more grocery shopping- I’m pretty sure I have enough Australian oatmeal at this point to outlast the apocalypse. In addition to that, in about half an hour I have a meeting with some other students in the program to talk about a trip to Cairns that we’ve been planning, and I’m happy to say that I talked with my family and have been given the go-ahead to tell the other students that I’m in.

The best thing that happened today, though, by far, was when I went back to the Opera House, as promised, this time with a friend from the program. Apparently tomorrow is the Queen’s birthday, which is a public holiday in Australia, so because of this, the route to the Opera House was much more packed than usual, and we got to see a lot of cool light-shows along the way. When we got to the Opera House, it was lit up in all kinds of different colorful patterns- it was an incredible sight, really. Lots of people were around, presumably celebrating the holiday, and some areas had to be closed off because of the crowds.

I do have a lot of photos to share of the Opera House, the harbor, and the area around it during this special night, and I will be uploading all of them in several hours, you can count on that.