So for today I didn’t have a lot to do, since I wasn’t hanging out with any groups, and there still hasn’t been any class (although that changes tomorrow) but I did do some fun things, like explore the city and see different parts of it. I went back to the bookstore I originally saw in downtown Sydney and looked around, and then I went to a tabletop games store where I met a guy who, like me, also plays Magic: the Gathering, and we actually played a few games, with me borrowing one of his decks! I came close to winning the second time and I had a good time, and he told me some things about the local MTG scene.

I then left, went back to my hotel, hung out for a while, and then got the idea to head back to the Opera House area and take some more photos, which I did. As it turns out, the reason why it happens to be packed lately there is because of the Vivid Festival, a sort of light show that happens every year. At any rate, I got some good photos, and enjoyed the view, and then made my way back to the hotel. I’ll upload what I got tomorrow.

In the meantime, class starts up again tomorrow, and I’m hoping this time I can get a better sense of what’s expected of me in terms of grading, because obviously this isn’t just a vacation and at some point I actually have to do work.