Not a lot happened in the beginning of the day, it was mostly just waiting around for class to start. I also have had a limited budget the past few days, though I’m hoping to get that replenished tomorrow and then have more to work with. The first of the two main activities today, though, was the class’s trip to the Museum of Sydney, which is located downtown. There were a lot of things to see in the museum, from artwork to sculptures, and it really helped paint a picture of what Australian history has to offer. I took plenty of pictures of the museum’s interior, and I’ll be uploading them tomorrow.

The second event involved class in the hotel itself, where the instructor gave us an overview of certain parts of Australian history, specifically how they pertained to the environment. He was engaging and easy to listen to, and I did learn a lot. He also gave us a few homework assignments, one of which we completed in class, and another which is due in a few days.

Some of this homework that I’ve gotten from that and other classes is starting to pile up, but to circumvent my bad memory I’ve written down exactly what is expected of me, so I’m hoping to knock it all out in the next few days.