I got to go the beach today! Not the same beach I went to last time- that one was Bondi Beach, this one was Manly Beach, and I had never been there before so it was a fun experience. Earlier today I had been asking around to see if anyone was up for going with me to one of the beaches, because I didn’t want to go by myself on account of no one being able to watch my stuff while I’m in the ocean, but thankfully one of my friends agreed to go with me, and we took the trip there on a train ride and then a ferry ride.

Once we got there, it was still sunny and not exceptionally warm, but just warm enough to justify going in the ocean. I did quite a bit of swimming this time around, and my friend and I got to walk the beach and see some of the sights, as well as the surrounding area, where I found the perfect souvenir to bring back to one of my relatives. I wish it had been warmer outside at the time, but that’s what you get for coming during Australia’s winter.