Not a lot happened today, mostly class for my Indigenous course, which went from 10 AM to around 3:30 PM. It was a pretty straightforward lecture, and because of the amount of information that’s being delivered in these classes, I’m going to start bringing my laptop so I can take notes. We mostly talked about cultural identity in this class- specifically, how the Aboriginals defined their identity, how identity can be shaped by cultural heritage and race, and how some people co-opt identities that don’t belong to them. The last one refers to a woman who was brought up by someone in the class, this woman apparently being a white American who “identified” as black and attempted to live as such despite not being black.

After that, and walking back from the local college where the class was, I did some grocery shopping and headed back to the hotel where I am now. I did receive an email from someone in the program detailing what’s now expected of us in terms of homework- I don’t really understand what exactly I have to do from the email, so I’m going to ask for clarification. I do know that the work is coming, I just need to know what form it takes. Hopefully it won’t be too much.