I wanted to try and mix it up for this diary entry, and by that I mean I want to talk about one of the biggest questions I had before I arrived in Australia, and that was what Australians think of us. It’s something I bet a lot of Americans wonder, since very few (relatively speaking) Australians can be found in the US, and so there’s no one for them to ask. I have gotten the answer to my question from a few people, one even on the first day, who was part of the study abroad program here in Sydney, who was like “oh, we love Americans.”

I was a little incredulous, and I was like “really?” And he gave an answer about how Americans had accomplished a lot and that (according to him) Australians admire Americans to a degree. Another of my teachers cut me off mid-sentence when I was asking the question and went “oh, we hate you all,” in a joking tone. As I’ve learned, Australians are easygoing to a fault, but they do love messing with people. From that particular teacher I learned the phrase “seppo,” as in septic tank, and he facetiously claimed that that’s what they call Americans.

The third person I got an opinion from was one of our tour guides, and he had an interesting way of expressing how Australia feels. He said that because of the influence America has had on Australia and vice versa, that America and Australia “[are] like cousins,” and I thought that was a nice way of putting it. The common opinion from these people I asked seems to be that Australia doesn’t mind us at all, and I don’t plan on giving anyone here a reason to think badly of my home 5,000 miles away.