Because the most eventful thing that happened today was my roommates explaining to me how Tinder works, I decided to do something I’ve done before in this travel blogging experience, and that’s talk about a specific topic instead of what happened today. There’s a place not far from me, it’s easily within walking distance, where you can find as many souvenirs as you can possibly want, and it’s called Paddy’s Markets. You can find pretty much anything there, for a pretty affordable price.

Food? You’ve got it. Clothing? What kind do you want? Trinkets? We’ve got all of them. Tourist stuff? Would you like a kangaroo pelt or a kangaroo T-shirt? Electronics? Sure. It’s run by individual vendors, and I’ve gotten some really cool gifts and souvenirs from there. It’s open most of the week, and one of the purchases I made there is so cool, I’m going to wait the rest of this study abroad experience until I get home to show you and talk about it. Honestly, I wish I had more money, so I could buy more things to take home, but I have a limited budget, and I’ve got to work with what I’ve got.