The Cairns trip is coming up in only four days and I can’t wait! Earlier today I met with the other students who are coming on the trip with me and we hashed out some of the details- tomorrow morning I’m going to pay the leader of the group my share of the money, and then things should be all set for now. I still do have to pick out my own excursion that I’m doing, and I have the choice of doing my own individual thing or trying to join the others, since they’ve all signed up for a specific one that costs $200 AUD. 

Logistics aside, I’m still very excited for what we have planned, in addition to the trip itself and the excursions, we’re going to rent out a car and take a trip to the local rainforest and hike- the cost for each person is very little, so it wasn’t hard to chip in for that as well as the main cost. I’m also thrilled that I’m going to get to see the Great Barrier Reef, as that’s one of the main things that people come to Australia to see. Fingers crossed that everything goes according to plan, since there’s only four days until it all happens.