In today’s diary entry, I thought I’d talk about some of my motivations for coming to Australia in the first place. Some of you who’ve been following my text posts on here might’ve been curious as to why I chose Australia, of all places, and I wanted to go into part of that now. My interest in Australia started several years ago, when I was at my old university and I was investigating the possibility of going study abroad. At that point in my life, the conditions for going abroad weren’t ideal for a number of reasons, but I do remember looking through the catalogs and pamphlets and coming across Australia.

That country sparked my interest, and over the years I found myself researching Australia and trying to learn more about it- from everything I’d seen, it seemed like a wonderful place to live, with all kinds of scenic landscapes, beaches, rainforests, and so on, and I developed the desire to go there someday, if at all possible. Australia became a special place to me, even though I had never been there, and while it look a lot of convincing to get my family on board with my plans to go there this summer, eventually I found a program that was agreeable to all involved, and before long I had found myself accepted to a summer program.

Needless to say, I consider myself very lucky for getting the opportunity to come here, as Australia is fun to be in regardless of it being winter right now. I’ve been trying to savor every moment here, and document every experience, and I think it’s safe to say that when I return to America I’ll think back fondly on my time in Australia for a long time to come.