It’s the little things about my experience here in Australia that make it fun, in my opinion. Things like hearing foreign accents on a daily basis, seeing so many different stores and chains I don’t recognize- or even the money that I handle. The money that Australians use is a lot different than how it is in America, starting with the fact that their dollar bills are so much more colorful than ours, or the fact that they actually have dollar coins, something that Americans used to use until we made the stupid executive decision to get rid of the Sacagawea coins.

Another interesting fact about money and my stay here is that the American dollar, at least in this point in time, is actually worth more than the Australian dollar, so when I go to buy things with my American debit card in stores, the money is automatically converted and I end up paying slightly less than I normally would, almost as if I get a discount on everything, as long as I’m using American money. It’s not a big difference, but it can really add up, and if any of my American followers plan on visiting Australia in the near future, I recommend bringing a reasonable stash of American money with you, because you’d be surprised how far it will go.