Not a lot happened on my first full day back in Sydney other than me losing my hoodie, so I’ve decided to spend today’s entry talking about the experience hiking through the rainforests I was in two days ago with the rest of my group. I was a little worried about the idea at first, since we’d be essentially hiking without supervision, but it turned out to be not much of a problem, if you don’t count one of my group members falling victim to some of the leeches since she was wearing sandals instead of shoes.

The rainforests really were breathtaking to behold, we were surrounded by trees and vegetation and there were a bunch of cool waterfalls that we got to see and take pictures of. Some group members even went swimming in one of the waterfalls, which made me wish I’d brought my bathing suit so I could join in. Still, there were warnings about the slippery rocks in the area being a hazard, so maybe it was for the best that I didn’t join in. 

As far as the weather in the forest was concerned, Cairns weather is typically warmer and more humid in general, so shorts are a smart thing to have, but the funny thing is, that’s a bad thing to wear in the forest because the leeches will be able to get you more easily. The warm weather was very enjoyable once we got back into town, though- it’s a shame Sydney isn’t like this more often.