Today we had class, which mostly consisted of going to see an art gallery in Sydney, where our instructor showed us around and told us about some of the exhibits. The art gallery was notably bigger than the museum we had gone to last time, and there were a lot of cool things to look at. Even better, once the instructor had showed us a few things, he said we could leave whenever we wanted, as long as we knew what we were going to do for the assignment based off of what we saw on the trip.

In the meantime, I still have to figure out exactly how I’m going to tackle the problem of schoolwork, since I haven’t made a lot of progress on it so far, and I have two weeks to get it all done. I’m going to email the tour guide one more time and see if I can get ahold of him, and hopefully he can re-send me the list of all the things I have to do so I can dedicate a few days to getting it all done at once. Once I know what I have to do, it shouldn’t be too hard.