For today’s diary entry, instead of talking about the study abroad experience I currently have, I want to talk about the experience I could have had. Originally when I first started talking with my family about studying abroad, they were very much opposed to the idea of me going to Australia. They said it was too expensive, that it was too dangerous, that it was too far away- they had all kinds of reasons to shoot down the Australia abroad programs I suggested.

What’s more, they thought at the time that somewhere in Europe would be much better for me, in part because travel arrangements over there would be a lot less expensive if (God forbid) something happened to me while I was abroad. I was this close to going along with a Barcelona/Rome program that they thought was great until i managed to stumble across a certain university’s abroad program, that just happened to be within the “affordable” range of what my family was willing to pay.

It still required that I spend a good deal of time talking them into it, but eventually they agreed, and I’m glad they did, because this was beyond a shadow of a doubt the most affordable study abroad program I could find that was headed to Australia, and I consider myself very lucky for getting the chance to come here and experience for myself the country I always dreamed of visiting.