Tonight I wanted to talk about the differences between Sydney and Cairns, a comparison that I can make now that I’ve been to both major cities. For starters, the weather- it’s noticeably warmer in Cairns than it is in Sydney, probably because Cairns is further north on the coast, and it’s also a lot more humid than Sydney, which some might consider to be a good thing. A big difference between the two cities is the overall layout- Sydney is a bustling metropolis reminiscent of New York, where Cairns is a more laid-back area.

Sydney features such great attractions as the Opera House and the Museum of Sydney, which are fine attractions in their own right, but Cairns offers something special in the form of snorkeling opportunities, scuba diving, seeing the Great Barrier Reef, skydiving, and many more activities you wouldn’t be able to do easily in Sydney. That being said, both Sydney and Cairns have a lot to offer, but they can be acquired tastes, so if you’re a huge city fan, you might want to visit Sydney first, but if you want to experience some of Australia’s most thrilling outdoor activities, Cairns is your best bet.

As for me personally, I prefer Cairns over Sydney because I had a blast on the side-trip that I went on that I blogged about on here, and I do think it’s a shame that my trip there wasn’t longer. I don’t know if I’ll see Cairns again, but I hope I will, because it’s a great place and a lot of fun to visit.