After sleeping overnight in a hostel, our trip throughout the Blue Mountains continued, with most of the crew opting for abseiling (rappelling down a mountain side) while I chose not to and instead took pictures of the surrounding area. We also got to go into town at certain points, where I took the opportunity to get some coffee and something to eat, including something called “drowned eggs,” which consists of poached eggs drowned in a kind of chili. We also got the opportunity to throw boomerangs at one point, and while I was able to throw them, I was never able to get any of them to come back.

After everyone was finished abseiling, we got back into the bus and arrived back in Sydney after an hour-long trip, and after all that, I’m glad I got the chance to go. We did have a lot of fun, even though I didn’t feel up for trying some of the riskier activities. Now that I’m back, I’m hoping I can make some more progress on the work I still have to do, though I only have slightly less than a day before we leave again for Cobar.