Today I spent most of my time working on work for my two classes here in Australia, from essays on kangaroos to reflection pieces about the environment, and strangely enough, I don’t find myself regretting leaving all the work for the last two weeks of class terribly much. It hasn’t been that difficult so far, it’s just been repetitive, and thankfully I made great strides on my workload today, although I still have some questions that need answered about the nature of the work. As far as what grade I’ll get in the classes is concerned, I don’t know that yet, but I’ve been trying to attend class as much as possible and participate when I can, so hopefully the professors will appreciate that.

Obviously, a lot is riding on getting this work done, because I have to pass these two classes, since that’s kind of the point of me being here. But I’m going to do what I always do, which is do the best I can and reach out to the teachers if I’m stuck or have any questions. They’re there to help, after all, and I still have seven days to get everything done, which I’m hoping will be more than enough time.