Not a lot happened today- as I mentioned in the collection of pictures I uploaded earlier, I went shopping in downtown Sydney and bought a bunch of things, including some groceries and souvenirs. The specific place I went to was a sort of all-purpose market, where you could see everything from fresh food to phone supplies to New Age crystals.

As far as me being sick is concerned, I’m feeling better today than I was yesterday, the cough’s not completely gone and I was tired enough to sleep around 4 hours during the day, but hopefully the flu is on its way out and it’ll be gone within the next few days.

That all having been said, one thing that did come up over the last few days is the issue of culture shock- I never thought that I would have to deal with it, but I found myself missing America, and at times wishing I was home instead. I think that there’s the possibility that this is a normal reaction to being overseas for the first time, and I’ll just have to wait and see if it goes away- I hope it does.