We’ve entered the home stretch of this study abroad experience, and unfortunately, I’m still sick. This cold/sore throat thing has lasted about three days at this point, and I haven’t gone to the local doctor because A) it would cost money and B) these things usually go away by themselves anyway. The good news is that I feel slightly less cold and tired than I did a few days ago, but my appetite’s still lowered and I’m throwing up every once and a while. Fingers crossed it goes away quickly.

The only other thing worth mentioning is that I still have three papers I need to do before all of my work is done, and I’m going to get at least one or two of them done today or die trying. They’re not especially long or complicated, but getting started is always the hard part. I’ll find a way to get everything done, though, because I’d ideally like a smooth transition back to America and not worry about missing assignments on the way back.