Today was another shopping day for the most part, so I’m mostly going to talk about what I bought at the local Chinatown as well as the Market. I got some groceries to help last me the next several days, including some coffee that I can make for myself, which will prove useful, and some other things to tide me over.

The really interesting stuff, however, came from the gift and souvenir shops when I was traversing Chinatown and the surrounding area. I was able to get a small stuffed koala for $2 and a small stuffed kangaroo for $2, bringing my collection of Australia-themed animals up to 3, and I also got a prop Australian flag as well as two Australian-themed postcards and an Australian-themed wallet that might replace my regular wallet depending on how much I like it!

The other neat thing I got was a prepaid Australian phone, which cost me about $60 or so, but it’s supposed to have unlimited calls within Australia and 1000 minutes when talking to people in America, so I’d say that’s not a very bad deal at all. 

And in other news, it looks like I don’t have class tomorrow! Add that to my cold being almost gone and it looks like things are looking up.