I didn’t do an awful lot today, so I thought one thing I could do is talk about some of the different types of food I’ve had since I’ve been here. To start off, one thing to understand about Australian food, and really about Australian products in general, is that there’s less of an emphasis on chain brands and more of an emphasis on independent sellers. As a result, I’ve seen a lot of brands that I’ve never seen before, from “Tim-Tams” to what’s just referred to as “Smooth” peanut butter.

For the most part, though, you can find the same types of food that you enjoy back where you’re originally from- they may not be called the same thing, but for example, I bought a bunch of what’s called Uncle Toby’s Oats, which is some very good oatmeal that I’m glad I bought in bulk. Another thing you can find a lot of in Australia is coffee- while Melbourne is better known for its coffee scene, Sydney prides itself on its coffee as well, and I’ve had a bunch of different types of coffee since arriving and I’ve liked all of it. Again, Australia is a big fan of independent sellers, so you’ll be extremely hard-pressed to find a Starbucks, but you’ll see a lot of “mom and pop” coffee stores.

As far as what I bought for myself, I’m on a limited budget, so beyond eating out that one time last Wednesday (which was a group-sponsored thing) I’ve been trying to buy things that will last a while, like a lot of bread and rice. It hasn’t been bad, though it is hard to grocery shop on a budget in Sydney because everything is more expensive. That’s the other food-related thing I wanted to mention- food in Sydney can be very pricey. As I mentioned in another post, I paid $5 for coffee one time, and I’ve seen milk for $7 and sandwiches for $10 in the heart of the city. The American dollar does stretch farther in Australia when it comes to paying for things, but food prices can still rack up, and if you plan on eating out a lot, they’ll rack up even faster.