I had my first class today for my study abroad program! It was for my Environment class, it wasn’t too tough, and we were able to get outside the classroom and see Sydney, which I’m told is going to be common in future classes. The other thing that was exciting about today was that some of the homesickness that I’d been suffering the past few days seems to have lessened- when I got here in Australia, I had found myself overwhelmed at times and felt a little burnt-out, but I think today somehow drove the point home that I really am in a foreign country, and that somehow hadn’t sunk in yet. I take this as a good sign, and hope that I can really enjoy the rest of my time here.

In the meantime, tomorrow offers a volunteer opportunity that I will probably take the school up on, if I’m up as early as I need to be. And there’s no school for the next two days for me so hopefully I can take the opportunity to see the town some more and make some plans.