Today I volunteered at one of the local libraries at the request of someone involved in the study abroad program, what it was was essentially a library for a college that was intended to be for Aboriginals, and what the other students and I did was organizing books and other supplies, cleaning up, and things like that, and it wasn’t terribly hard, we even got to go for a coffee break and get a bite to eat. I did see a few spiders in one of the library rooms, though, and since I have a long-standing deep fear of spiders, I stayed far away from them- I guess it was too much to hope for that I could get through this trip without seeing some of them.

At any rate, I turn my attention now to the idea of the trips all of the other students are talking about, some have been proposed to Cairns, where the Great Barrier Reef is, I’ve proposed one to the Gold Coast that as of yet has no takers, and someone brought up Melbourne at one point. I’d love to see at least one place outside Sydney, but ultimately it’s going to depend on cost, because I just can’t spend $500 to go somewhere extraneous, I don’t have that kind of money and it’s not in the cards. We’ll just have to see.