Since not a lot happened today, I’ve decided to devote this diary entry to a very special type of food that I’ve had since I got here- Uncle Toby’s Oats. Where do I begin? It’s oatmeal and you can get it for what, $5 for a big box? What a bargain! And it’s so much better than American oatmeal, because ours is bland and flavorless, but Uncle Toby’s Oats is richer and more creamy-tasting, and it just tastes better. I know this because I have like two or three boxes of it that I bought when I first got here and I’ve been slowly going through them one at a time and I’ve basically been eating Uncle Toby’s Oats 3x a day because I’m on a budget and eating out makes my wallet hurt.

“But Harry,” you say, “this oatmeal can’t be that good!”

To say that it’s good turns my travel blog into a cathedral of lies. It’s not good, it’s GREAT. And no, I’m not being paid to say any of this, I’m just a fan.