Because I was out on another field trip for one of my classes, I wasn’t able to get access to reliable Wi-Fi, so like with the Cairns trip, I’m going to update for the days I missed, and fill in the blanks that way. Our trip was to a town in New South Wales called Cobar, and below is my recounting of what happened.


As mentioned above, today was the day we left for Cobar, and the way we were getting there was a big van that would drive all the way through the night, with drivers taking turns, which I’m sure saved money, but also made sure I would barely get any sleep. I brought everything I needed, for the most part, although it turned out that I wouldn’t get the chance to use my laptop or my phone very much. I knew very little about Cobar before we left, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I brought my phone so I’d be prepared to take plenty of pictures, all of which will be uploaded on here as soon as I get the chance.


I got a solid 2 hours of sleep on the night before Cobar, so needless to say coffee was the only thing keeping me awake for most of today. We had a set schedule to follow for most of today, where we would be driving to place to place and speaking with representatives of a group called GreenCollar, whose job is to try and reduce carbon emissions in Australia by doing research and providing incentives for companies that cooperate. We learned a lot about what their mission here was, and about the environment in general, and we even got to see some of the local wildlife in the form of some sheep, goats, and kangaroos- I even got to hold an emu egg!

After we were out and about in Cobar, we had dinner at a local restaurant, where I had beer and prawns, and then we made the journey back to the van, where we prepared for yet another long night. Would you believe I slept slightly better on the way back than on the way there? We finally arrived at around 2:30 AM the next day, and I went back to my room and literally fell asleep on the spot. And that’s the story of how I went to Cobar and messed up my circadian rhythm.