Greetings to my followers, and to those who may be discovering this blog for the first time! As some of you probably have noticed, I’m in the process of redesigning this travel blog with the help of a new theme, and there are a lot of style changes that have been made and are on the way.

For starters, the “travel blogging” section is being completely reorganized in order to make finding the right posts easier and more efficient, and new features are being added to the blog as a whole that I think will greatly help the overall experience.

Additionally, my plan is to get WP Rocket in the next few weeks, and for those of you who are unfamiliar with that particular plugin, WP Rocket, very simply, is supposed to drastically speed up page load times for the blog. I’m hoping that it’s going to make a big difference and make the blog more easily accessible to desktop users and mobile users alike.

It may take a few more weeks for the redesign to be 100% complete, but I hope you all enjoy this new version of the blog, and that its new features can make it easier to view its content.