Hey everyone! I’m back with another blog post, and for this one, I wanted to focus on what I perceive to be the top ten best photos taken from the original blog trip that went to Australia.

The Australia trip is probably the best-documented trip on this blog so far, in part because the trip went on for six weeks, and also because I went out of my way to make diary entries and video footage of the experience as well as a multitude of photos.

Some of these photos were were prominent than others when it came to showing off footage from that trip, and without further ado, I’d like to show them to you.

NUMBER TEN- Opera House, Jellyfish Style


So the trip to Sydney originally happened during Australia’s winter, but apparently the winter season happened to be the time that the Opera House was hosting a lights festival, and so I got to see the Opera House lit up in a number of different ways, and one of my favorite examples of that is displayed above. The Opera House is normally an amazing place to visit any time of year, but you’re in for a treat if you happen to be there during a lights festival like this one.


NUMBER NINE- Destination: Bondi Beach


Bondi Beach is usually recognized as one of Australia’s greatest beaches, and having been there myself, I can see why. The beach isn’t too far from the city, so a quick bus will get you there, and once there, you can enjoy the pristine sand that seems to stretch on forever, and since it’s hot most of the year in Australia, any day can be a good day to head to the beach and catch some waves.




Most major cities in the world have some form of Chinatown within their city limits- New York, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia are three American examples of that- and Sydney’s Chinatown is certainly worth a visit if you like top-notch souvenirs and equally top-notch Asian food. Easily accessible within the city, Sydney’s Chinatown may not be the biggest in terms of square feet, but it’s a place in Australia where Asian culture has a home to stay in.


NUMBER SEVEN- The Glowing Sydney Flower


I’m not 100% sure if this glowing flower in Sydney represents some kind of event, but you could see all kinds of decorations like this paving the way to the lights festival at the Opera House that I mentioned above. It seems that the festival is something of a once-a-year event; I just happened to be lucky enough to be visiting Sydney at just the right time.


NUMBER SIX- Into The Jungle


This shot, taken in motion, was taken from my sojourn into the Cairns jungle with my fellow classmates- the Cairns trip was a side trip to the study abroad experience that we went on without supervision, but it went very smoothly, and the jungle was no exception to that, aside from the leech issues a few of us had. The jungle’s an amazing sight from the inside, and you could really get a sense of what Australian nature is like.


NUMBER FIVE- Kangaroo City


What trip to Australia would be complete without seeing some kangaroos? We saw these little guys in a zoo, but it’s possible to pet a few of them while they’re in captivity, and they’re remarkably well-behaved. It was a little awe-inspiring seeing them for the first time, everybody knows kangaroos are an Australian thing, but not everybody gets the chance to see some real ones up close.




Who doesn’t like a good view of the ocean? This particular view was taken from my group’s Barrier Reef trip, where we paid to snorkel and see the Reef, as well as meet a local barracuda appropriately nicknamed Barry. It was a little scary being so far from land, but it turned out to be lots of fun, and a very memorable experience too.


NUMBER THREE- Night At The Opera


The Opera House is probably one of the most famous landmarks in the world, but it’s also an exceptional place to hang out near and grab a beer. When I was doing study abroad, I could walk to the Opera House any time I wanted, and relax and see the sights. As it turned out, the lights festival was going on for several days and not just one, and I got the chance to see all the shifting color patterns, and that was a pretty cool moment.


NUMBER TWO- Nature Unfolded


This is another Cairns photo from when my group and I were hiking in the wilderness, we couldn’t help but notice this amazing waterfall, and in fact, some people in my group even decided to go swimming in it. Granted, there are signs warning against it, but I can’t completely blame them.


NUMBER ONE- Opera From The Sea


And the final photo of today’s article is a shot I took of the Opera House from a ferry- it was pretty awe-inspiring seeing it for the first time, but we ended up seeing a lot of the Opera House during our trip, and for some of us, it became something of a banality once they’d seen it enough times. Still, if you’re going to Sydney on vacation, you’ve got to see this place at least once.


And that wraps up this article! If you’d like to see more Australia content like this in the future, please leave a comment down below, and my general position is that it’s only a matter of time before the blog returns to Australia, so stay tuned for that later down the line.